Chronicles 3

Went for early doors with Bob, Smudger and Russ last night. Had a bit of trouble getting served at times in the back bar, Russ was having a benny. However, was a good night and I stayed for a cheeky one at the end so I think I had five rounds but one of mine was a whisky. But still it was a four pints-plus night. Did a chicken stir fry when I got back, per photo. 



Bit of a cock-up with Andy as I remembered to feed him at 11.45pm and just when I was at the door I could hear someone meeowing outside, and it was Andy. So basically he’d come round to ours to get some service. Anyway he is fine and I gave him some Dreamies. He was waiting for the car today, like Basil. The kittens are on the Canogans again, they seem to like it once they realise it’s not the normal biscuits. 


 The plan on Friday is to go to the Beer Dispensary from 8pm for Bob’s birthday, his friend Paul is over from Sweden. So will have to pace ourselves chicken. I have football. 

End of part three.

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