Chicken chronicles (return of)

News from yesterday is that I remembered to take a bag-for-life type bag to Richardson Road. Therefore bought a lot of stuff and they even had bread left in the bread shop at mid-day. I have steak, chicken, crab meat, paneer and dansak soup, bananas, satsumas, and bacon. All good!

IMG_3317Could not do gardening due to weather. Pete Kyle poster arrived so we are up and running with a poster in the window. Meg got up before Basil and sat on my while watching the cross country on TV, about 40 minutes in total before Basil showed up and sat on the worktop (per photo).

Then I decided to get the bus into town quite, late about three, and have bought some new items. I have got new kitchen scissors which are not rusty and actually work. Also I have some special tongs with silicone ends. Got some new reading glasses as our others randomly snapped when I got them out yesterday. Then I went to TK Max and bought two polo necks. Everyone looks a bit shifty in there but it has some good things if you can put up with it.

I had texted Bob, who is still devastated about Josephine, but Katy was out. We are meeting up tonight though. Therefore tried Adam and luck would have it they were meeting Clara and Andy at the Basketmakers.

When got home from town I used one portion of sirloin steak. 9oz if you are interested. I looked it up online and used groundnut oil as according to Jamie Oliver it heats up to a high temperature. Anyway just got it really really hot and did it for 60 seconds each side, using said new tongs. It came out really well I must say. See photos including one of new shirt. Got bus back into town (= four uses of ticket in total!) and had a good night in the Basket, bit of a late one, oops!

IMG_3318 IMG_3320 IMG_3321

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