Phoenix update

I am now getting into the swing of things. Put name of restaurant in Sat Nav, called GPS, turn up at restaurant and get a table for one. 

Been to Changs tonight. Last night White Chocolate Grill which was excellent. Driving ok but still coming to terms with the very wide roads, constantly in the wrong lane. Work is tiring due to early calls from 7 before I go to the office.
Have discovered Banana Republic and bought red linen trousers, nicer than they sound!

Some cactus photos.

Love Simon x

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Chronicles 4

There has been a scuffle tonight between Basil and Andy. Popped home after work before drinks. Fed Andy but he followed me home and I left door open as was just getting keys. Anyway he got in and was on the way upstairs when I intervened to get him to get out. 

So we only passed Basil who was outside, he was very hurt I could tell. And there was a bit of a scuffle between them with Andy having my a bit of a swipe at Basil (which missed).

Tonight at 11 I just got back and Andy has followed me up to the front door. So Meg has come bursting out only to bump into Andy who was non-plussed. It is all a bit of a situation! Have had to be extra nice to Basil and give him sticks.


Drinks ok, now v drunk but I got the front seat on the 49!

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Chronicles 3

Went for early doors with Bob, Smudger and Russ last night. Had a bit of trouble getting served at times in the back bar, Russ was having a benny. However, was a good night and I stayed for a cheeky one at the end so I think I had five rounds but one of mine was a whisky. But still it was a four pints-plus night. Did a chicken stir fry when I got back, per photo. 



Bit of a cock-up with Andy as I remembered to feed him at 11.45pm and just when I was at the door I could hear someone meeowing outside, and it was Andy. So basically he’d come round to ours to get some service. Anyway he is fine and I gave him some Dreamies. He was waiting for the car today, like Basil. The kittens are on the Canogans again, they seem to like it once they realise it’s not the normal biscuits. 


 The plan on Friday is to go to the Beer Dispensary from 8pm for Bob’s birthday, his friend Paul is over from Sweden. So will have to pace ourselves chicken. I have football. 

End of part three.

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Chicken chronicles 2


There is little to report today, but the wine is in. I will try to save you a bottle or two! Just off to the Westie.  

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Chicken chronicles (return of)

News from yesterday is that I remembered to take a bag-for-life type bag to Richardson Road. Therefore bought a lot of stuff and they even had bread left in the bread shop at mid-day. I have steak, chicken, crab meat, paneer and dansak soup, bananas, satsumas, and bacon. All good!

IMG_3317Could not do gardening due to weather. Pete Kyle poster arrived so we are up and running with a poster in the window. Meg got up before Basil and sat on my while watching the cross country on TV, about 40 minutes in total before Basil showed up and sat on the worktop (per photo).

Then I decided to get the bus into town quite, late about three, and have bought some new items. I have got new kitchen scissors which are not rusty and actually work. Also I have some special tongs with silicone ends. Got some new reading glasses as our others randomly snapped when I got them out yesterday. Then I went to TK Max and bought two polo necks. Everyone looks a bit shifty in there but it has some good things if you can put up with it.

I had texted Bob, who is still devastated about Josephine, but Katy was out. We are meeting up tonight though. Therefore tried Adam and luck would have it they were meeting Clara and Andy at the Basketmakers.

When got home from town I used one portion of sirloin steak. 9oz if you are interested. I looked it up online and used groundnut oil as according to Jamie Oliver it heats up to a high temperature. Anyway just got it really really hot and did it for 60 seconds each side, using said new tongs. It came out really well I must say. See photos including one of new shirt. Got bus back into town (= four uses of ticket in total!) and had a good night in the Basket, bit of a late one, oops!

IMG_3318 IMG_3320 IMG_3321

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